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Date Posted:26-05-2018 07:29:44Copy HTML

Where we think we came from affects where we think we are going, and how we think we should act.

There are modifiers to that - but our worldview is key, regarding many topics.   Here, abortion is addressed.

Abortion is not simply an issue of empirical science because scientists cannot answer the question of precisely when human life begins. Abortion is a battle between worldviews. A prime component of these worldviews is whether or not one holds to the authority of Scripture. To be fair, some evolutionists may be pro-life. However, the implications of an evolutionary worldview lead to the devaluing of human life, whereas the implications of biblical creation uphold the sanctity of human life, even in the womb. What people believe about origins will influence their answers to the following questions related to the issue of abortion: Who is man? What is the purpose of death? Who determines right from wrong?

Come worship Jesus, born King of the Jews.
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  • From:USA

Re:Abortion and the Origins Debate

Date Posted:26-05-2018 07:32:57Copy HTML

For those who believe what defines morality stems from themselves, they are essentially worshiping the god of self.

And abortion is one consequence  of that

These children were sacrificed—murdered—to appease the gods these people worshipped. Children today are being slaughtered by abortionists to appease a different god—the god of self. Abortion is the murder of an unborn child. There’s no difference between killing a five-year-old to appease a false god and killing an unborn child for the sake of convenience. The result is the same—an adult murders a child for selfish reasons. Yes, abortion is child sacrifice to the god of self!

Come worship Jesus, born King of the Jews.
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