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Date Posted:18-04-2018 03:45:25Copy HTML

Discussion during lunch somehow gravitated to Chinese characters.   At our lunch table, we normally have two from the US (Louisiana, and NJ/AZ imports), one from France (who married a Mexican and lived there for quite a few years), one from the People's Republic of China, and one from Vietnam.

Sometimes the teammate from Ghana joins us, or another from Vietnam - though this guy pretty much grew up in the US.

So our team from China brought for whatever reason today Chinese characters.   Well specifically the one for 'good'.  I believe she said it was the combined symbol for a male and a female.   I have not found that on line yet.

But that led to another.   The symbol for righteousness.   I brought that up, and she confirmed it, and here it is below.  'Lamb over Me'.

Come worship Jesus, born King of the Jews.
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