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  • From:USA

Date Posted:26-11-2018 05:30:06Copy HTML


People are starting to move into Babcock Ranch, an ambitious development in Florida more than a decade in the making. With a solar field and self-driving shuttles, it’s a suburb that its creators hope will be revolutionary.


I can’t get a solar roof, yet, but there’s a whole city.

Feasibility is a ......Florida has solar street ready cars, too.  Looked at some in Seattle years ago, but so many used ones in the lot suggested we should probably wait.

What goes around, comes around.
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  • From:New_zealand

Re:Florida City Run on Solar

Date Posted:26-11-2018 06:07:06Copy HTML

The Queensland government has made it law that all new houses must have solar panels incorporated in their construction.  This is a start.  

As to the town in Florida, I hope all goes well there.

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  • From:USA

Re:Florida City Run on Solar

Date Posted:29-11-2018 09:38:44Copy HTML

What really bugs me about the Florida town is the enormous grid for solar energy. Any grid system is objectionable because it makes money for the guy in the middle. It’s what we have now, and the guy is always greedy. Homes in California are finding all their energy needs being met by solar tile roofs, not the panels, and sometimes even their electric cars have a steady supply. Solar cars are feasible, even though GM doesn’t think so, or isn’t ready to switch, financially, yet. Everyone who got a test vehicle wanted to keep it, or buy one, but had to give it back. The market is being played, and on a grand scale by a few, as usual. Someone has to be very clever....Steve Jobs, Bill Gates clever.
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  • From:USA

Re:Florida City Run on Solar

Date Posted:29-11-2018 09:50:00Copy HTML

well, grid tied has the advantage of sharing surplus and also access to the grid during a system failure locally.

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  • From:Norway

Re:Florida City Run on Solar

Date Posted:30-11-2018 05:53:00Copy HTML

Hmmm, the Babcock Ranch development is a breath of fresh air, and a sign of where we are heading. Not sure what you might suggest to eliminate the 'middle man' that supplies materials.

The exciting thing to me is that people are getting serious about sustainability. Here is one of my favorite models for sustainable living that is totally doable. 

There are many variations with the same ultimate goals of sustainability. Common sense coupled with an open mind is a beautiful thing

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