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Date Posted:06-12-2018 09:18:04Copy HTML

Then we passed drug laws and are going through close to the same and much worse consequences than prohibition which lasted only a decade.  We are not free and government has failed to save us from ourselves, AGAIN!  Congress should step away from our private lives.

The 18th Amendment was thus proposed by the Senate and ratified in January 1919. The Volstead Act officially enacted the terms of the amendment, and exactly one year later, sales, production, importation, and consumption of spirited drink was banned in the United States.

Extralegal functions began immediately. Bootlegging reigned, and speakeasies popped up in the tens of thousands. No brewer or distiller was able to stay in legal business, and only wineries producing sacramental wine were able to remain in closely monitored production. Support for the 18th Amendment, which had been quite strong, disappeared almost immediately.

The ensuing 13 years saw an enormous surge in gang crime, with bootleggers profiting off scores of black-market spirits. Deep corruption within law enforcement became commonplace across the country, and general consumption of spirits actually increased as speakeasies became more numerous than the saloons they had replaced. The American people had no interest in being told their life would no longer include the freedom to have a drink.

What goes around, comes around.
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