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Date Posted:02-11-2018 12:04:41Copy HTML

The below is an excerpt from a devotional I get - but thought it of interest here, given the survey it references from 1999 (and frankly, I would be surprised if it was better today).

A majority of students apparently could not name a single public figure (in government or outside it) with character:  qualites that included a leader who cares, is consistent, has strong leadership skills, career experience, high ethical values and is a good communicator.

Reflects a sad state of affairs in our nation (even taking into account that high school students may not be as well educated on the average as in the past).  If this has continued, or even gotten worse, what does the future of the US hold?

Grace Mail

"The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children after them" (Proverbs 20:7).
                                   Just a few years ago a national survey of high school students revealed that they want character in leaders, but they have a really difficult time finding role models in public figures. Here's what the survey, reported in USA Today, showed:
                                   ...High school students (in order of preference) want a leader who cares about average people (33%), is consistent in his or her beliefs (30%), has strong leadership skills and career experience (29%) and has high ethical values (22%), as well as being a good communicator (22%).
                                   But a majority of students could not name a single public figure‐in government or outside it‐with such qualities.
(USA Today, 6/16/99)

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  • From:USA

Re:High school students have trouble identifying role models in public figures

Date Posted:02-11-2018 01:22:21Copy HTML

We don't have statesmen these days. We have politicians. A pity.

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