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  • From:USA

Date Posted:22-08-2018 12:40:18Copy HTML

I'm in the deep end. With pool noodles. Forgive me.

So, family; extended family; tribe; village; society; culture; civilization...or close enough if correctly conceptualized and prioritized. There is division of labor: in families, women do x and men do, well, maybe not. In extended families, some men might do y(1) well, while others might do y(2) better. Same goes for women. So labor is again divided. Etc., etc., etc..... As the community expands, work is divided up among various groups and individuals; certain "institutions" emerge as the efforts become more organized; status becomes a thing as some functions are valued more or less, and as individuals contribute more or less. As we move through the frames of reference from family structures to civilizations, more and more complex social structures have become the tradition or the norm. 

In comes a traveler from a distant civilization. Or ten, even. They exchange some pleasantries and maybe a few trinkets. They go home. In comes a hundred travelers form a dozen distant civilizations. They spend a large time sharing their wares and enjoying our ways, and then they go home. But sometimes some of them don't go home; sometimes some of them stay and something like a co-adoption might occur. The "other" adapts his way of being to conform with the existing social constructs, while the existing civilization assimilates into its own ways and means the contributions the "other" brought with him that made him welcome as a conditional adoptee. 

If a civilization attempts multiculturalism, what happens to the society that originally built the civilization? What happens to the institutions that evolved through generational socialization? What would one expect the villages and communities to collectively feel about the state of their civilizational institutions should it come to pass that their own local structures be forcibly changed to accommodate the cultural expectations of a vast, uninvited, collection of multicultural migrants? A society can't assimilate cultural changes. Society gives rise to culture. Culture can be fairly readily adapted to generally accepted social evolutions in a bottom up process, but top down cultural impositions onto society causes within communities and reversions to more tribal biases than would otherwise occur. 

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  • From:Norway

Re:This is screwed up: multicultural society.

Date Posted:01-09-2018 06:45:50Copy HTML

you are an ill man
THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.
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Re:This is screwed up: multicultural society.

Date Posted:22-09-2018 03:22:29Copy HTML

you are an ill man

I certainly find beliefs such as yours nauseating but that doesn't rise to the status of, 'illness'.  Sorry.

For those interested in trying to understand folk like EZ, here's an interesting take to consider...

The Preachers of the Great Awokening

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