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Date Posted:06-08-2018 01:31:44Copy HTML

And socialism - once again - sucks!!  

first story: 

Monica Showalter:

Venezuela: Always a bad sign when your military scatters and runs

Showalter is talking about the militaries reaction at the parade when the alleged assassination attempt was made on the Venezuelan leader's life.  With a good part of the country already fleeing to avoid starvation it is not a surprising reaction.

Second Story:

Stunning! Nicolas Maduro Admits Democratic Socialism Didn’t Work

By S.Noble -August 2, 20182

President Maduro of Venezuela momentarily stopped blaming the United States for the failed state of the economy of the oil-rich nation. He went after the guilty parties, admitting his Democratic Socialist government doesn’t work.

No more whining, I want solutions comrades! Maduro says. Uh, how about capitalism Nick?

“The production models we’ve tried so far have failed, and the responsibility is ours—mine and yours,” Maduro told the PSUV party congress.

People are leaving Venezuela in droves. The once-middle class are heading for Madrid or the U.S and poor are traveling over the borders to places like Colombia. Destitute Venezuelans are dying of starvation or disease far from home.

There are cities where literally nothing works, the inflation reached one million percent, 93 percent of the country lives in poverty, and toilet paper is unaffordable. Coffee is unaffordable as are medicines and food.

“Enough with the whining,” Agence France Press reported Maduro saying. “We need to produce with or without [outside] aggression, with or without blockades, we need to make Venezuela an economic power,” he said.

How about capitalism Nick?

The woman in this next clip explains how her son died. Julieta Escalona said: “My boy died of hunger”. This Venezuelan mother lost her eldest son to malnutrition. The consequences of CHÁVISTA socialism in these 20 years are always the same hunger, poverty and death.


Venezuela was once the richest nation in South America but socialism has ruined the economy.

When socialism/communism comes to a country, it’s almost impossible to get it out. Maduro isn’t all that enlightened. He still insists that if people want to buy gasoline, they need a Socialist Party card.

Are you listening Bernie? How about you Alexandria? Maybe these two would listen if we sent them on an extended vacation to Venezuela or will they just say we will end up like Denmark?

Socialism took a rich viable country and killed it... and its citizens.  

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.....except for the election of Donald Trump.
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