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Date Posted:14-06-2018 05:41:00Copy HTML

Interesting use of sugar, particularly if no antibiotics are available, or the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.

Because of this grievous injury, which had been slow to heal, doctors were planning to simply amputate the woman’s foot. However, Murandu’s advice saved her leg: he told her to wash the wound and apply sugar. This process, over time, healed the wound.

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  • From:USA

Re:Using Sugar to heal wounds

Date Posted:14-10-2018 08:55:42Copy HTML

Just had some oral surgery.    Tooth disolving (two actually); reabsorption I think was the world.   Anyway, the below from the article is interesting, but I would add the caveat that the mouth would be an exception - there being so much moisture regardless, the sugar would not aborb enough, and in fact, would contribute to bacteria growth.

The secret of this particular cure is in the way it absorbs moisture. Bacteria, like pretty much all living things, need some level of moisture to survive. When any excess is absorbed by granules of sugar, it is then denied to bacteria. As such, the bacteria will die off. Without the presence of infection that bacteria brings, the wound is able to heal much faster.

Considering the fact that sugar is widely available, even in rural, impoverished, or third world areas, this sort of discovery is great for those who may not have access to antibiotics. Aside from that, sugar’s status as an antibiotic alternative means that it may be an option to protect wounds in situations where antibiotic resistance is becoming more of a problem.

Come worship Jesus, born King of the Jews.
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Re:Using Sugar to heal wounds

Date Posted:07-11-2018 08:39:48Copy HTML

Interesting. Never heard of such a thing.

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