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Date Posted:03-09-2016 06:09:56Copy HTML

This was a favorite episode for me, on the original Star Trek.

And, saw this article, and posting here, in case of any interest.  Also did not know what Roddenberry was a  bit disturbed by it having so many elements of comedy.

Depicting the infestation of the Enterprise by a gaggle of rapidly replicating balls of fluff called Tribbles, the episode is light-hearted enough to engage the attention of new viewers, while still offering vintage Trek elements like Klingons, Shatner-isms (“This is my chicken sandwich and coffee!”) and Spock and Bones snarkfests.

How did Gene Roddenberry feel about the episode?
Gene was on vacation all that summer, and when he came back, he was a little bit disturbed that the show had taken so many comedic turns. I believe that was one of the reasons why Gene Coon left the show; Roddenberry wanted more gravitas, and Coon felt we needed to lighten up so our characters were more human.

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