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Forum photo is online now , members can use it in diamond forums. It is not good now and you can take a ticket to us when find any problem. Thanks for your support : )
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  • From:USA

Date Posted:13-08-2017 04:34:47Copy HTML

I didn't see a place to put my thanks for letting me join so I put it here. thanks. a fast look at the posts tells me its interesting here. I am a 78 yr old lady that has a opinion, right or wrong on most subjects. my husband has dementia. Being his carer I am pretty much stuck with computer for entertainment.  glad to be here.
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  • From:USA

Re:thanks a lot

Date Posted:17-08-2017 04:00:20Copy HTML

Welcome Ma'am! I hope you enjoy your time with us. Beware -- it can get a bit "spirited!"

Live it or live with it.
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